RetrofitTech Dubai Summit 2018 uncovers exceptional energy saving business opportunities in UAE

The 4th Annual RetrofitTech Dubai Summit & Awards was a resounding success.

More than 1 million Tons of Carbon Dioxide will be abated by 2030 and 1.7 TWh of electricity will be saved by the same year in Dubai was revealed by Dubai’s Etihad Energy Services Company, Etihad ESCO during the Summit.

Hosted and strategically endorsed by Etihad Energy Service Company, Etihad ESCO and TAQATI, the summit gathered more than 250 industry stakeholders and subject-matter experts together to discuss, debate and identify innovative ways to add value to the retrofitting initiatives undertaken by public and private entities across the UAE and the region. This unique and timely event also brought together relevant government bodies, developers, consultants and solution providers.

The event that was held at Roda Al Bustan Hotel, Dubai, on 10-11 April, 2018 also showcased some of the latest innovation and retrofit technology being introduced to the market and shed the light on more retrofit project opportunities across the emirate.

The summit was opened with a keynote address delivered by H.E Ahmad Al Muhairbi, Secretary General, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy. Over the two days, attendees discussed government and private sector initiatives towards a sustainable Dubai as well as strategies and the latest innovations to enable the implementation of an effective retrofit program.

H.E Ahmad Al Muhairbi underlined that “within the Dubai integrated energy strategy 2030, DSM has a major role to play in terms of shaping up our green economy growth, it has been considered an economical driver to sustain and balance energy expenditures on the supply side and contribute to a more secure, reliable, and low-cost energy; and within DSM, Investment in EE of Buildings have been the core undertaking of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy strategic business planning.”

In his keynote speech, Ali Al-Jassim, CEO of Etihad ESCO revealed targets to have 5.6 billion imperial gallons of water saved by 2030 through new initiatives. Solar projects were also a key focus of the event which showed that 1,000 kWp will be generated on the rooftops of Dubai World Trade Center as well as 3,000 kWp from solar panels on the roofs of 640 villas in Hatta. Al-Jassim focused on how through such projects, Dubai will become a role model in energy efficiency by implementing cost-effective electricity and water demand saving measures, as well as developing a green service market.

 He also stated that the partnership with the British University in Dubai, supported by Dubai Supreme Council, is a complete success embracing training programs for executive managers, engineers, technicians and financiers. The program is planned to add the solar sector and reach out to the GCC countries.

 Case studies during the event showed how DEWA has made 30% energy savings through retrofit projects as well as 2 million AED a year in monetary savings. This was a result of replacement of chiller plants, significant retrofit of HVAC systems and retrofit of seven DEWA buildings in Dubai.

 Lighting was analyzed as a key aspect of energy efficiency and described as a ‘low hanging fruit’ during the event. It was shown how lighting can have an important impact on energy savings with the example of Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Limited’s project. It involved lighting retrofit of 1,656 villas and 110,000 lighting fixtures leading to energy savings of a remarkable 80% as well as 0.57 million AED a year.

 Al-Jassim commented: “It is important that we continue raising awareness in Dubai on the benefits of retrofitting and its positive impact on the environment. We are working closely with residential groups, government, commercial entities and industrial organizations to provide support and assistance on education around energy efficiency and sustainability. This event goes a long way in spreading the message and in setting new targets for the future.”

“We have launched the Dubai Energy Efficiency Training Program which is a consortium of three local and international partners who will deliver 19 training sessions, offering 12 certifications for members. Initiatives like these will help educate and motivate people to consider changes in technology that will lead to more energy efficient buildings across the Emirate,” added Al-Jassim.

It was also revealed for the first time that Etihad ESCO has signed its first project outside of Dubai in Abu Dhabi to retrofit two industrial facilities.

Another significant announcement was that Etihad ESCO will now manage the building labeling scheme for existing buildings under the leadership of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and the regulation of Dubai RSB.

The premier thought leadership event, being held from 10 to 11 April at Roda Al Bustan Hotel, Dubai, showcased some of the latest innovation and retrofit technology being introduced to the market and the sustainability benefits being gained from the billions of dollars of investment that have been made in the Emirates.

The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has set the goal of reducing energy demand by 30% by 2030 and to retrofit 30,000 buildings by the same year. Retrofitting and refurbishing existing buildings have been identified as core strategies to reduce overall energy demand.

It’s worth mentioning that solution providers like Sylvania, Honeywell, Quantum Eurostar, Siemens, Daikin, Weber, Kimmco Isover, Talisen International, Belimo, Armstrong, Dow, ABB, Envirofina, Opple Lighting, City Care Energy Solutions, Taqeef, Optima, NVC Lighting, Madico, CU Phosco, Ledvance, Smart Automation Energy, Auto Millennium Group, Farnel, Al Yousuf Engineering, Emirates Insolaire, Kromatix, Edge Technology, LPA Lighting, Environmental Solutions & Consultancy, Duserve, Mistbox, Luceco and Al-Futtaim Engineering & Technologies all showcased their retrofitting products and solutions during the summit.

This prestigious event also included a dedicated awards ceremony that recognized and celebrated excellence and achievements in this field.