Gold Sponsor Sylvania disclosed smart lighting innovations at RetrofitTech Dubai 2018

A Gold Sponsor in RetrofitTech Summit and Awards 2018, Sylvania shared its smart lighting innovations with a wide array of attendees from diverse backgrounds. Its experts showcased and presented Sylvania’s innovative lighting solutions that offer seamless user experiences, leverages smarter lighting controls, and big data. The company also discussed its planned initiatives, projects, and best practices in the retrofitting of existing buildings.

Christian Schraft, Global CEO of Sylvania was one of the keynote speakers. Talking about the event, Schraft said: “First of all it was a great and engaging conference. It showed the various angles of how to retrofit buildings in the right way.”

Sylvania’s contribution at the summit included its SylSmart platform. The platform constitutes a suite of smart lighting, connected building, and smart city solutions. SylSmart is said to incorporate the latest technology with luminaires to give users unparalleled control over their environment. The solutions not only offer control and light, it also provides energy efficiency.

“We all know that lighting has significant contribution to retrofitting approaches. Lighting has become a backbone in infrastructure, and this what I underlined in my keynote speech. Lighting will be the digital infrastructure for the smart city and building. Our innovations not only can offer energy saving platforms but also better light and better quality of life,” said Schraft.

Sylvania’s solutions are applicable for a variety of functions including offices, education, government, logistics, museums, galleries, retail, hospitality and residential. The company’s strength lies in its ability to be agile and flexible, delivering real value added lighting and energy management solutions to businesses around the world. “Gone are the days of selling lighting systems. We are now a semi-conductor industry,” said Schraft.

“The RetrofitTech Summit gave us the opportunity to meet people from different industries and backgrounds than lighting, thus offering the perfect platform to exchange ideas, technologies and practices available in the retrofitting industry,” noted Schraft. “We have an open innovation policy and partner with the best in our industry and other industries,” he added.

“It was an exciting event. I’m glad to be here,” Schraft concluded.